Sunday, November 11, 2007

Diwali 2007 Faral :)

It seems so nice to be here after so long to blog something.. A Very Happy Diwali to all my blogger friends(though its the last day today). I firstly thank all my friends who left some comments to my previous posts and apologize for not replying! Also for my friends who continue cooking and sharing awesome recipes and whom I cant visit though I sometimes just peek at your blogs and quickly drool our the snaps.. Life is busy with college and assignmnets and exams but not there had to be one post in Diwali, else my diwali would not have been complete! So here's my spread for this Diwali.. Time required: 2days

For non- Maharashtrians, "Faral" is the wide array of snacks that Maharashtrians prpeare for Diwali and have it everyday for breakfast and serve it to friends and visitors during Diwali. Since I started making this stuff only after coming here, I realise why my mom used to start preparation for this a week or two in advance. Recipes not inclded.. Will come in as soon as I get time .. I PROMISE!!! :)

My faral consists of:

1) Chivda: The yellow one in the center

I made one with Mamra/murmura/flaked rice as I did not get Thin Poha(flattened rice) :(

and now move up to

2) Besan Laadu: The yellow balls

This time I made it in microwave just like I did rawa ladus.. Find the non microwave recipe for besan laadu's here

and follow clockwise to

3) Shev: The brownish spirals

I didnt prepare this and chakli last year as I didnt have the chakli press.. But had to make it this time.. Very simple and oh so crispy.. recipe will follow later

4) Tikhat Shankarpale:

Not actually tikhat but salted.. Also called as namkeen i guess.. recipe will follow later

5) Chakli:

My favourite.. Made it using rice flour and not the real maharashtrian way using bhajani (this is a special mix which is used for chaklis).. Find the recipe here...

6) Karanji:

This is the naivedya that we have for the most important day of Diwali... Laxmi Pujan.. Or do I say "Euro Pujan" ;) Recipe follows *soon* as they turned out really well and I just dont wanna miss the recipe thats still on my mind by not posting it :D

7) Gode Shankarpale:

The sweet ones..This was my first trial at this using sugar syrup.. Mom usually makes it using Jaggery.. my recipe will follow later.. And mom's version too will be up sometime

Thats for today.. My Karanji recipe will be posted next.. Hope you guys are having a great Diwali with just lights and no crackers!