Tuesday, September 4, 2007

BlackBerry Milkshake

I was introduced to this fruit called Blackberry 2 months back when we visited city of Bensheim in Germany. This city is famous for wine grapes and there were plenty of blackberry trees bordering the grapeyards.. Until then, I used to look at these as some wild fruits but when my friend just grabbed some and started feasting on them, I had to try it! And once I had some (luckily I found a big colony of sweet ones), there was no stopping.. I ate many along the way and also admired the lovely clustered structure till my husband declared that I unknowingly had 2 glasses of wine :D

Last week I found a pack of fresh blackberries at the fruit market and couldnt stop myself from buying them.. The plan was to prepare something for Meeta's monthly mingle.. But I ate some and then realised there were very few left for trying anything.. So on weekend, back I went to the fruit market and prepared blackberry milkshake the same day.. The end result aeemed lovely not just due to the tatse, but due to the lovely color! I am not sure if I can call this milkshake as I added some yoghurt as well alongwith milk.. But I surely cant call this lassi as there is more milk than yoghurt :D This blackberry Milkshake goes to Meeta for Monthly Mingle, this month's theme being "Liquid Dreams"

BlackBerry Milkshake

Preparation Time:

5 mins


2 glassfuls

What you need:

1 Cup Blackberries
3 cups Milk
2-3 tbsp Beaten Yoghurt
2-3 tbsp Sugar

How to proceed:

1) Mix all ingredients in a blender
2) Place in refridgerator for sometime
3) Serve cold!

* I used Yoghurt to thicken the milkshake.. It can be left out to have thin milkshake!
* Chop few blackberries and put some pieces in milkshake
* Add 2-3 mint leaves to give a twist in the taste!


Raaga said...

Call it a smoothie Aarti :-) It looks lovely :-)

Rajitha said...

blackberries... yummy, love it with some salt!

Finla said...

Yeah i love to eat them just like that.
Aarti come fo a walk near to zwin in knokke, it is full of blackberry there. Well not so full as in germany.

Coffee said...

Thats a gorgeous colour Aarti! :)

Swapna said...

Can I have a glass, please?:)..Looks delicious

Suganya said...

Funny blackberry milkshake is not black :p. Love all berries.

Mishmash ! said...

Such a cool and refreshing drink!! Will try for sure.

Thanks for leaving the trail on my page :)


Anonymous said...

I have made this once and it was delicious and a great purple hue.

Mansi said...

Beautiful color! i just love smoothies...so less ingredients yet the outcome is so fulfilling!!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Blackberries are delish - in any form! Your milkshake looks lovely!