Thursday, September 20, 2007

Black Grape Sorbet

Something quick and yummy.. And so pleasing for the last summer days.. European weather has started showing its true colors and last 3-4 days have been really bad.. The weekend is predicted to be sunny and probably the "last" sunny weekend this year.. Thats possibly why I am taking some extra efforts to post today as I didnt wanna miss to post something that I prepared just for blog events.. Black Grape sorbet, a lovely sweet n sour combi with a oh so inviting color, for Swapna's AFAM-Grapes and Marta's FPM#4-Grapes..

Before I share the recipe, I would like to share some pics of grape yards in Luxembourg and Germany which we visited this year.. We own grape yards back in India and love to visit such places here..

The pic below is from Remerschen, Luxembourg, a lovely city in South Luxembourg from where we could see Germany to the left and France to the right from our hotel balcony.. That was sometime in April when the season of grapes hadnt started and we could just see the bare farms and support system of grape wines.. But we did not miss the cruise across the wone route and even visited a winery for wine testing :D

The snaps below are from Bensheim, Germany which we visited in July.. We were lucky to find grapes in their youth ;) Now is the best time to visit this place.. In the first week f September, the local farmers get together and organise an event dedicated to wine processing and is a treat for wine lovers!

Isnt it lovely to be so close to nature? I prefer to visit such places rather that castles, bridges and towers :D No more blah blah.. Let me get back to the main point!

Black Grape Sorbet

Preparation Time:

1 hour

What you need:

A bunch of Black Grapes
1/3 cup Sugar(approx)
Juice of 1/2 Lemon

How to proceed:

1) Cut the grapes(remove sedds if any) and defreeze for 30-40 mins
2) Add them to blender with sugar and lemon juice and blend well
3) Place again in refridgerator for 15-20 mins
4) Remove, scoop and take snaps/serve immmediately!


Asha said...

I love those grapes hanging from there Aarti, so fresh. Great entry for both events. Sorbet looks beautiful, too beautiful to eat!:)

Padma said...

Aarti they looks so vibrant and yummy, I hope you were not drowsed with the extra cup ;)

Jyothi said...

Wow! grape sorbet looks amazing. Wish to take one cup from screen. Great entry. Thanks for sharing.

Suganya said...

Are those planters or bowls?

Rajitha said...

yummers aarti..both the sorbet and those grapes look mighty good....i love sorbet

Roopa said...

wow Aarti such lovely photos!. The sorbet looks excellent for a hot summer :)

Sig said...

Nice pics Aarti... Love the grape sorbet color too... it has turned out great!

amna said...

grapes are off season in india now and i dont know what to send to these events!! thinking of alternatives..

lovely color the sorbet has :)

Unknown said...

Lovely Aarthi.... Take Snaps and serve immediately was funny :) This is the part which my Hubby dear does'nt like.. His version would be serve immediately and then take snaps :D

Finla said...

Beautiful pictures. I hope you plucked few grapes and popped them to your mouth :-))
Delicious Sorbet.
Excelent way for serving it.

Sharmi said...

hey beautiful pics and lovely entry. you must have had a great time right?

Arts said...

Thanks all for ur precious comments!

Lol.. I am bad at gardening.. found these in crockery section!!

Same is the case at my place :D poor husbands ;)

had a rocking time!

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