Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quick Popcorn

Today, 16th May, is LIVESTRONG Day 2007. Barbara of "winos and foodies" came up with a blog event "A taste of yellow" as a part of LIVESTRONG Day to support cancer survivors and raise awareness about cancer. Since I was too late to participate in it, I am posting a "yellow" snack to extend my support for the nobel cause.

And now, Nupur's "A-Z of Indian Vegetables" has another bouncer letter this week. The only word, starting with Q, that quickly comes to my mind is "Quick" (Thanks to Nupur for bridging the loophole, its in my mind frm past 2 weeks) :D So here goes Quick Popcorn for "Q of Indian Vegetables"..

Popcorn probably is the first word that comes to mind while watching movies(esp during the intermission). Well not just in the movie hall, even at home! Whenever there's a movie playing on the TV, my hubby demands popcorn n some soft drinks. :) Initailly we used to purchase popcorns in the store, but later realised that its easy to prepare it at home even without a popcorn maker. From then on, I have to prepare a huge stock of popcorn every weeekend... Though we find flavoured popcorn these days, I prefer the simple old-fashioned salted one! Its a handy snack at tea time as well! So this weekend rush n buy a CD of the lastest movie, try making popcorn at home, grab some soft drinks and enjoy the feel of watching the movie at the movie hall! :)


What you need:

1 Cup Popcorn Maize
2 tbsp Oil
1 tsp Turmeric
2 tsp Salt

Preferably a steel vessel with thin bottom and a glass lid

How to proceed:

1) Put oil in the cooking vessel
2) When hot, add turmeric and salt and mix well in oil
3) Now add Popcorn Maize and mix well so as to coat each maize grain with turmeric-salt
4) Cover and cook for 5 mins
5) The popcorns start popping. Shake the vessel at intervals to settle down the uncooked/unpopped maize
6) Enjoy the quick snack!!:)


Asha said...

I love the "quick" Popcorn!:))
Barbara already did the round up today,hope you are not late!:))

Nupur said...

My favorite snack ever! Looks good, Aarti!

Arts said...

I just forgot the event until wednesday :( So just posted instead of participating!

My fav too :)