Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stuffed Okra/Bharli Bhendi

A Maharashtrian meal consists of atleast one sukki bhaaji (dry sabji). Dry sabjis can be categorised as bharli bhaaji(stuffed vegetables), paratleli bhaaji(stir fry), usal etc. Dry sabjis are usually served hot with rotis/phulkas/chapatis or are served as accompaniment to dal-rice. These sabjis alongwith rotis are good tiffin foods since they are easy to carry without much of a mess!

Bharli bhaaji aka stuffed vegetables consists of vegetables stuffed with spice mixes and then fried/roasted/cooked in small quantities of oil. Most common stuffed vegetables are: bharli vangi (stuffed eggplants), bharli dhobli (stuffed capsicum), bharla dodka (stuffed ridgegourd) and my favourite bharli bhendi (stuffed okra). Here's assal marathi bharli bharli bhendi for RCI Maharashtrian Cuisine!

Stuffed Okra/Bharli Bhendi

What you need:

400 gm Bhindi/Okra/Ladies finger- preferably long ones
1/3 cup Grated Dry Cocunut
½ cup Groundnut Powder (groundnuts roasted and pounded)
2 tsp Cumin Powder
2 tsp Corriander Powder
2 tsp Garam Masala
3 tsp Red Chilli Powder
Salt to taste

How to proceed:

1) Wash and pat dry okra/bhindi
2) Cut the heads and tails of okras/bhindi
3) Cut each okra/bhindi in 2-3 pieces of approx 1 inch
4) Cut each piece along the length, halfway deep [Take care not to cut in 2 pieces lengthwise]
5) Lightly roast the grated coconut till light brown
6) Put in a blender and pound to a powder. To this, add all other ingredients (except oil and okra/bhindi). This is the stuffing/saran.
7) Fill the stuffing/saran in the okra/bhindi pieces. If extra stuffing/saran is left, keep it aside
8) Heat 2-3 tbsp oil in the cooking pan
9) Add the extra stuffing/saran to oil (if left)
10) Now add the stuffed/bharli okra/bhindi in the skillet
11) Roast well and cover
12) Cook covered and stir at intervals till cooked.
13) (Optionally) Garnish with yoghurt or a dash of lemon. Serve with hot rotis/chapattis/phulkas/parathas.

This is also my entry for Nupur's "S of Indian Vegetables" and Cook Sister's WTSIM


Asha said...

Great entry for both events:)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hey, lovely recipe!!! I love Bhendi :)

Nupur said...

Another favorite for me! Have not made it in ages...must look for okra. Thanks for an awesome entry!

Arts said...

Thanks Asha! :)

I too love Bhendi and luckily get fresh Bhendi every Thursday at the indian store here :)

DO try it.. n let me know how it goes :)

Anonymous said...

fantastic...had stuffed okra yesterday in fact..great recipe...thanks for sharing

Jeanne said...

Hi Aarti and thanks for participating in WTSIM! This recipe sounds really good - maybe it's the turning point that will get some people to eat okra ;-) Thanks for an excellent post a a mini cuisine lesson!

Arts said...

Thanks Dilip,
Let me know if ur recipe is same as mine.. would like to hear abt some different style if any!

Thanks Jeanne,
I dont understand how people can hate Okra :) I just love it!!
Thanks for hosting WTSIM!