Monday, May 7, 2007


This dish is for my bhai Vish. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VISH! It was his birthday on 5th May and he just loves anything sweet. So what could be a better present from a naive chef?? :P The initial plan was to make Rawa Laddus but they didn’t turn out so well. So the last minute preparation was the most easy Maharashtrian dessert, Sheera! Now don’t get sad bhai.. will make Rawa Laddus soon and post it for u!! :) Filhaal you have to manage with just the snap and recipe until I get back to India :)

Bhai holds a very special place in my life.. In the 2-3 years that I have known him, he never got a chance to visit my place and eat something prepared by me.. But when he met my hubby before my marriage (this was even before I met my hubby.. now that’s a long story :D), he confidently told my hubby, “You are very lucky. Aarti is a very good cook.” I don’t know whether to call it "bharosa" or "fattebaaji" :P Because that was the time when all I knew of cooking was chapatti, bhakri and pithla bhaat. :) My hubby still remembers this and says that he wasn’t so wrong! Thanks Bhai for the confidence you showed in me.. Miss ya so much!

A sincere promise from my side: Next time we meet, you can demand any dish :) I’ll prepare it for you! I owe you this as a birthday present.. Btw, my bday is just 2-3 months away.. I know you dont cook anything.. and you know my address.. so………. ;)


What you need:

1 Cup Semolina/Rawa
1 Cup Sugar
3-4 tbsp Ghee
1¾ Cups Water
1 tsp Cardamom powder
8-10 Golden Raisins
4-5 Cashews chopped
2-3 Almonds sliced

How to proceed:

1) Heat the water. Keep aside covered
2) Add ghee to frying pan. Fry cashews and raisins and keep aside
3) Now add Semolina to the ghee and roast well until you get the nice aroma of roasted semolina (Takes approx 5-6 mins).
4) At this stage, add sugar and ground cardamom.
5) Mix well for a minute and then add hot water slowly. Take care while adding water as it might bubble out.
6) Keep stirring continuously to avoid forming lumps.
7) Add the fried raisins and cashews and mix well
8) Cook covered on medium heat for 2-3 mins
9) Serve hot garnished with sliced almonds


Unknown said...

thanks a lot
- Vishal

Asha said...

Happy B'day to your brother,nice gesture cooking Sheera for him.Looks good!:))

Richa said...

hey sheera looks great, soft & fluffy :) liked ur usal recipe as well.
good going arts!

Arts said...

Pleasure is totally mine :)

Thnaks for ur wishes for my bhai :)

Thanks for ur sweet compliments.. Hope I post better recipes to keep u hooked on to my blog ;)!!

bipin said...

Ek Number!!

Suganya said...

First time to ur blog.....U have a lovely set of recipes.....Sheera looks YUM!

Arts said...

Thanks Bipin! :)

Thanks a lot!! :)
Just one Qn: How can u manage 5 blogs?? :D

Karika Shah said...

Looks so tempting ... :)

Muje bhee khana hai ... :(