Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Watermelon Pancakes

"Summer Fruits" is the theme for WBB#11 hosted by Padmaja. The first fruit that comes to mind thinking of summer fruits is the king of fruits-Mango! But the genuine taste of mango is best enjoyed when eaten as is! So I decided to leave the Mango all alone and move on to the next favourite summer fruit- Watermelon. (Confession: The real reason is that I didnt find Indian mangoes here:( )

Watermelon is famous as a summer fruit for its high water content. I used Watermelon to flavour up the usual pancakes that we make for breakfast. Crisp and tasty watermelon pancakes served as a tasty and appetising breakfast and different than the usual pancakes!

Watermelon Pancakes

What you need:

¼ kg Watermelon pieces (deseeded)
½ cup Plain Flour/Maida
1 Egg
4-5 tbsp Powdered Sugar
2 tbsp Milk

How to proceed:

1)Blend the watermelon pieces to juice
2)Put flour in a bowl, add sugar, egg (discard the yolk), watermelon juice and milk; mix well
3)Add more milk if required to make the batter consistent and as thick as dosa batter
4)Put oil/butter on hot girdle and pour spoonful of batter over it
5)Spread the batter in circular pattern to form thin pancakes
6)Put oil on sides/corners to make them crispy
7)When cooked on one side, flip and cook on other side.
8)Serve hot with a cuppa of tea!


Asha said...

Aarti,very unusual dosas,delicious.Guess what I have at FH today!Another dosa with JF!;D

Sreelu said...

Girl you are on a roll, Just saw waffle idli and now its watermelon pancakes

Cool experimentation !!

Arts said...

Thx Asha,
I got to learn frm ya the tips to make thin dosas!

Hey Sreelu,
Waffle idli isnt mine.. I hope u meant Ulli Garelu :D Evn i saw those lovely waffled idlis yesterday and cant recall who posted it :(