Saturday, May 19, 2007


Coffee's MBP event demanded "Something Sweet" this month. I found the quickest, easiest and tastiest recipe for Sukhadi from here. Thanks Trupti for posting this wonderful gujarati sweet.. it is just awesome!


What you need:

1 cup Wheat Flour
½ cup Jaggery
3/4 cup Ghee
2 tsp Cardamom powder
2 tbsp Milk

How to proceed:

1) Grease a wide flat plate with ghee and leave aside
2) Heat ghee in a pan
3) Add flour slowly to the ghee and mix well stirring continuously.
4) Roast the mixture until it turns golden brown and till it comes along together.
5) Now add jaggery, cardamom powder and milk.
6) Take off heat and put the mixture in greased plate.
7) Spread the mixture evenly when it is hot and then cut into desired shape
8) Let it cool and then separate and store in closed container

My Verdict: The sukhadis didn’t seem the same as those posted by Trupti. The originals seem to be hard like chikkis. Maybe due to the a bit of extra ghee (or some other mistake :D), the sukhadis turned out to be soft[I used "haath ka andaaz" for 3/4 cup of Ghee]. But thankfully there was no compromise on the taste :) The sukhadis just melted in the mouth and (seriously) gave the feeling of eating kaju katlis!! :)


Coffee said...

Hi Aarti, thanks for this wonderful entry. :)

I can't see the pic in your post though!!!

Sukhdi is not supposed to be as hard ar chikki. It does look as if its hard but its not. :)

Arts said...

Hi Coffee,
chk out if u can vie the pic now!
thx for the info abt hardness/softness of chikki.. am glad to know that it was a successful attempt :D

Asha said...

All that ghee will kill me!!;D
Looks delicious.It's supposed to be soft,you can see in the T's picture.Good that enjoyed it and came out very well:)

Suganya said...

Sukhadi is looking great. I love it. nice recipe....

TNL said...

Glad you tried the Sukhadis, Aarti......the sukhadi are actually 'chewy' in texture....and if you would like to harden them a bit, just put them in the fridge...they look great !


Asha said...

Aarti,I saw Kairi Panha but comment section is not visible,just wanted to let you know.

Arts said...

Doesnt seem so from the family pics u posted :D
They seemed hard to me in T's pic..Hence the confusion.. and abt the comment section of Panha, was able to fix tht thing with Nupur's help

Thx.. I shud fwd ur comments to Trupti.. its her recipe! :)

Thanks for the recipe.. I need such quick n easy recipes :) And i loved them as they were.. as soft as kaju katlis :) I didnt get any time to put them in fridge! :D