Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mango Mastani

Today I prepared Mango Mastani specially for my best friend Shill.. Its her "quarterly engagement anniversary" today.. Other than Gujju n mexican food, she n her wud be better half love milkshakes.. Shill wanted me to prepare something for her and I cudnt find any other day better than this [Now am free to forget other important days;)].. So here's wishing Shill n Jiju a happy engagement anniversary with one of Shill's favourite Mango Mastani! I know there's nothing like quartely annivs and that too for engagements.. but we can celebrate events anytime we want to by just creating some! :) This day (5th July) has a lot importance in my life.. I joined my first job on this day and two years later resigned on the same day.. Also the date(5th) is pretty important and lucky for me... Two of my best friend's (Shill n Vish) bday falls on this date, I got married on this date, my friend got engagaed on this date etc etc...

Anyways getting back to the post.. Anybody from Pune will surely talk about one of the most famous dessert here- Mastani. Although its nothing very special than milk shake topped with Ice-cream, its historic name and its unforgettable taste and the fact that it gives you an extremely full feeling makes it even more memorable. Mastani was believed to be a very beautiful woman and mistress of the great maratha warrior, Bajirao Peshwa. She was believed to be so fair that when she ate a pan, one could see it clearly moving down her thought... Now now now..This is height of exagerration :D Read more about Mastani here.

Mastani in Pune is mostly associated with Kondhalkar's and Sujata. Kondhalkar opposite Saavan on Kumthekar road (parallel to Laxmi Road-the most famous shopping road for ladies in Pune) is probably the oldest of mastani shops in Pune. Sujata Mastani (acc to my knowledge) are their cousins who moved out to start their own chain of Sujata Mastani House in Pune.. I love both the places and Kondhalkar's used to be a must visit while shopping on Laxmi Road. A glass full of Mastani makes a good lunch. Better have it before shopping to shred off the extra calories! ;)

Mango Mastani is thick Mango milk shake topped with Mango Ice-cream. Other Mastanis include Orange Mastani, Pineapple Mastani, Rose Mastani, Custard Apple Mastani, Pista Mastani, Badam Mastani, Khus Mastani etc. I have tried almost each of them but Mango Mastani is my favourite. None of the others can match its taste. Another famous joint was Kasturi Mastani on Karve road since it was near to our college.. We friends visited this quite a few times for the Mango Mastani here.. The Bun Wada (dont remember if this is what exactly its called) of Kasturi Mastani is a must must must eat once.. You'll always want more n more of it.. Turning into too much of marketing :D Lets get back to my dear Mango Mastani!

This will be my entry for Meeta's Monthly Mingle- Scream for Icecream. I made Mango Ice-cream as well at home.. but since this was my first try, it was all trial and error with the measurements. The ice-cream turned out really soft n yummy. So will prepare another batch of Mango Ice-cream in a day or two (asa I get another Mango pulp can) and post the Mango Ice-cream recipe for you guys.. Till then enjoy this dessert in the hot summer.. I bet you'll love it!

Mango Mastani

What you need:

1/2 can Kesar Mango Pulp
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 liter Milk
1/2 lit Mango Icecream

How to proceed:

1) Mix mango pulp, sugar and milk in belnder to make mango milk shake
2) Defreeze it for 15-20 mins
3) Now again blend it well. This will make the milk shake thick!
4) Serve in a large glass topped with a big scoop of Mango Ice-cream!

* I prefer using less Sugar as the pulp is already sweet. Also the ice cream being sweet, the milk shake being a bit less sweet is perfectly allowed! :)


Karika Shah said...

Thanks dear .... :)
This Oosum ...
Thanks! for making it so meetha and special for me ... :)

Roopa said...

looks awesome and delicious.!

Asha said...

Mast hai ,mango Mastani!!:D
Great beverage,thanks girl.Waiting for Ice Cream:))

Anonymous said...

thanda thanda cool cool

SACH said...

wow!!! :)))))
I can eat two full mastanies...I just love ice-cream.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Interesting name! and looks wonderful too!!! Even I posted a mango ice cream recipe recently... :)

Sia said...

loved the name:) Mango mastani is mast indeed:) and there are monthy anniversaries too;)

Arts said...

Hey Shill,
Anything for u dear :)

Roopa, thx for ur comments

Asha, thx.. i'll come soon.. just got mango pulp :)

Hima, Dont remind me of that stupid navratna tel ad ;)

Sach, Kha na mag.. tula tar sujata ani kondhalkar javalach aahet :d

Thx Ramya, yeah i had a look at ur yummy mango ice-cream

Thx Sia, but still whats in a name.. all tht matters is the taste :D

SACH said...

ho te mi kadhi pan karu shakto ga.. pan koni evdhya kashtane banavale asel tar mala pan man lavun kashta ghyayla mhanje gilayala aavadel :)

Unknown said...


It took me a while to comment on Mango Mastani...Its delicious...The combination toping of dedicating it to your friend's quarterly engagement anniversary and Maratha history made it perfect. Thansks for making us an excellent drink. It made our day sweeter...

Anonymous said...

3 years ago I spent some months in Pune and I tried mastani... now I'm in love both with mastani and India :)