Friday, July 27, 2007

Ratalyacha Sheera (Yam Halwa)

Feels so nice to get back to blogging after a break.. Had been to Austria and Germany for 10 days.. Was real fun to experience the adventure of camping :D Unplanned trips are great fun sometimes. ;) Saw "The Simpsons Movie" first day evening show as well.. a good way to get down your frustration level if your laptop is not working when you really need it after a long break!

Getting back to the important thing- food.. "Ekadashi.. duppat khashi" - a saying in Marathi meaning "eating double on day of the ekadashi fast".. So true... Yesterday was "Ashadi Ekadashi"- a big fast for Maharashtrians according to Hindu Calendar.. I call it big fast bcoz its full day upwaas, and ends the other day with proper full meal! When I am the only one fasting at home, its usually fruits and juices for me.. Also eating fasting food(sabudana khichadi, varyache tandul, potato etc.) go against the actual motives of fasting.. But I decided to please myself and made yummy sheera/halwa using sweet potato yesterday.. a typical maharashtrian dessert called Ratalyacha Sheera, it becomes Yam Halwa when it goes for Nupur's "Y of Indian Vegetables" :)

Ratalyacha Sheera


2-3 servings

What you need:

2 big Sweet Potato/Yam/Ratale (~400 gm)
2 tbsp Ghee
4-5 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Cardamom Powder
1/2 cup Milk
2-3 tsp chopped nuts(optional)

How to proceed:

1) Boil sweet potato in cooker till soft (~ 3 whistles)
2) When cold, remove the skin and mash the sweet potatoes
3) Heat ghee in a pan and add mashed sweet potatoes to it.
4) Cook till ghee starts separating corners of the pan
5) Now add cardamom powder and sugar. Cook for another 5 mins
6) Now add milk and nuts. Stir continuously and cook for another 5-10 mins
7) Serve hot or cold.

* Remove the hairy part of sweet potato if possible. Dunno exactly what you call them! :D


Roopa said...

wow what a unique way to use yam for sheera:) great idea need to try this as all of us are yam lovers !

Nupur said...

Looks creamy and comforting!

Asha said...

Welcome back Arts! Looks like you had a great camping holiday!:)
Halwa looks great,pure as white snow!Beautiful entry.

Laavanya said...

Yam Halwa... you learn something new everyday. It looks good!

zlamushka said...

Hi Aarti,

I like your blog :) Very nice... I have a question. Have you ever tried halwa with soy milk? (I dont eat regular milk). I know that with halwa, one has to cook and cook and cook, until the milk 'thickens up'. Do you have any experience if soy milk would do the trick?

GV Barve - Gokhale said...

Had a great trip that too visited germany.Did u visit heidelberg schloss?I never know that sweet potato are also called as yam.I know yam as elephant yam.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, this one sounds ez!! Will definitely try it out when I get back to my kitchen :). btw, I have tagged you for the Meme.. play along if you find time!

Sharmi said...

that is a beautiful recipe and is new to me. looks so tempting. thanks for sharing.

Suganya said...

This is a lovely dish.....So creamy...YUM!....

Arts said...

Thx Roopa, Nupur,Laavanya,Sharmi n Sukanya! :)

Thx Asha,
I sure did! missed checking ur blog though ;)

Welcome to my blog.. havent ever tried with soy milk..thinking of doing it now..Do u mean that soy milk will reduce the cooking time or efforts?

Hi GV,
Just visited South Germany-stuttgart, benschiem n black forest..Here swet potatoes r called yam but the real one is elephant's foot (suran)

Thanks Ramya,
Will surely play it soon :)