Monday, August 27, 2007

Belgian Waffles

Glenna's theme for Weekend Breakfast Blogging (WBB#14)-"Ethnic Dishes with a Twist!" really inspired me to try my hand at making waffles at home! Staying in Belgium for past 10 months, I had to post something local to this place... I have been eating waffles regularly at a joint which boasts of "The Best Waffles in the World".. I always wonder how he can proclaim without having tasted waffles at all other places in the world ;) When it comes to food, Belgians are proud of their waffles, chocolates and frites- the thing we call "frech fries" were actually invented in Belgium.. Other than crossiants, pastries, chocolate bread or toasted bread with jam/cheese etc., a typical(traditional) Belgian breakfast consists of waffles topped with hot chocolate or whipped cream, served with fruits and juices or coffee.. Thanks to my allery towards breakfast, I enjoyed this "belgian breakfast" yesterday for lunch! :D Waffles with strawberry jam, fruits and juices...

Belgian Waffles

Preparation Time:

20 mins (if 4 waffles at a time)


8 waffles of the size above

What you need:

1 cup All Purpose Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Butter, melted
1 tsp Oil
1 cup Milk
2 eggs, beaten
Pinch of Salt

* Waffle maker

How to proceed:

1) Combine all the ingredients, mix well and keep aside for 4-5 mins
2) Pre-heat the waffle maker according to instructions.. If you dont have a waffle maker, go over to some friend who has one.. I did the same thing :D
3) Put batter on the hot waffle tray and close it
4) Bake for about 2 mins (Till waffles turn golden brown)
5) Serve hot or store it and heat in microwave before serving!

* Usually served with hot chocolate, whipped cream topped with fruits.


Nupur said...

The waffles look gorgeous, golden and crispy! I know so little about Belgian food- expect for pommes frites (served with mayo, right?) and maybe, Brussels sprouts :D
Do tell us more about Belgian food as you discover it!

Rajitha said...

looks really good..

Tee said...

The waffles look perfect!

Saju said...

oh so yummy, a hot one with icecream would go down so nicely!

TheCooker said...

The golden brown waffles look perfect.
I always thought Belgium waffles are made with yeast....I thought wrong.

Jyothi said...

Hi! waffles looks crispy and great. Great entry dear.

Asha said...

Yummy! Our Saturday morning breakfast of Belgian waffles and we have it with syrup along with Bacon!:)
Great entry Arts.

Laavanya said...

what perfect looking waffles - thanks for the recipe.

Sreelu said...

belgian waffles are too die for, My kids loved it when we went to belgium and especially when a whole dollop of whipped cream was added.

Suganya said...

Thats one hearty breakfast plate. Waffles look golden brown and crunchy.

Sharmi said...

that looks like one delicious breakfast. where is the syrup;) Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info on Belgian food.I knew very little about it.And those waffles are picture perfect. Thanks for the recipe.

Arts said...

I wud be gald to do that.. The only problem is these ppl eat a lot of non veg things and I dont.. Still I'll explore as I am here for another 2-3 yrs!

Thx Rajitha and Tee!

Hey Saju,
Thats my fav combo.. esp coz the Best Australian Icecream joint is just besides the waffle joint!! :))

I too heard of version with yeast and some with buttermilk as well.. But this seemed to be the most common one.. so tried this out!

Arts said...

Thx for dropping by!

Thx Asha,
Its my lunch at times! A big waffle with hot chocolate and icecream! :D

Laavanya, Thx for ur lovely words.. U r most welcome!

I am not surprised.. I bet evn u enjoyed it the way I do :D I prefer hot chocolate to whipped cream!

Thanks Suganya.. Eat them hot.. they are real crunchy!

Do u mean the strwaberry syrup?? have a close look on upper waffle.. The waffles absorbed it during the snaps session! ;)

Thx Madhuli,
I too am exploring more abt it now.. Will keep sharing as I get more info!

Finla said...

good looking waffels.
I love making them too. Have a recipie a bit different than your on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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