Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Summer here is coming to an end.. And so is my entusiasm to try my hand at summer drinks.. But Sunita inspired me to try this summer cooler when she started a lovely Spice-driven event called Think Spice.. Think Cumin! Cumin is one spice that is used daily in every household.. Whole cumin seeds or cumin(jeera) powder.. Its an absolute must in my masala dabba! Another speciality of tis spice is that I can use it in fasting foods.. Maharashtrian fasting foods allow the use of cumin seeds and hence sabudana khichadi and batata bhaaji can taste so yummy on these days. :D As a kid, I couldn't distinguish cumin from fennel seeds (saunf) and once ate jeera after dinner.. I had stopped eating saunf for years after that.. Mom explainedme the difference in their sizes and taste... After that I got back to eating saunf, but only the roasted one which had distinguishable yello color :D Now I wanted something some recipe for this event which was rich in cumin.. Though I use cumin in lots of things there are other spices used alongwith which dominate the taste.. Then I thought of the lovely summer cooler- Jaljeera.. A drink dedicated purely to the real taste of Cumin.. And a lovely appetizer to excite the taste buds!


Preparation Time:

8-10 mins


2 glassfuls

What you need:

2 tbsp Cumin seeds, roasted and powdered
11/2 tbsp Mint(pudina) leaves paste
1/2 tbsp Corriander leaves paste
1 tbsp Dry Mango(Amchur) powder
1/2 tsp Black Salt
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1/2 tsp Sugar
2 glassful Water(normal/cold)
1/4 tsp Salt
Salted Boondi for garnishing

How to proceed:

1) Mix all the ingredients except water
2) Add water and put in fridge to cool (Optionally add cold water if you wish to serve immediately)
3) Garnish with boondi and serve cold as an appetiser.

* Sieve the jaljeera if you wish to.. I prefer having it with the masala layer on top alongwith boondi! :)


Richa said...

jal jeera summer madhye ekdum fav ahey! urs looks yum! btw, mazhya blogwar tuzhaya sathi kahi ahey :)

Manasi said...

Ah! an all time fav.!!! when I was young, I'd mix pani puri masala in cold water and pretend it's jal jeera!!! I love this!

Tee said...

Looks good! I too love boondi in my Jaljeera. I have posted a similar recipe on my blog some time back.

Sharmi said...

Jaljeera is one of my favorite. thanks for the recipe.

Asha said...

Mouthwatering!I thought of this too for Cumin.Looks yum!:))

Suganya said...

U make jaljeera in home... GREAT!.... Looks so cool...

Sreelu said...


Had jal jeera a while on the streets of delhi on a vacation, I loved it should try it again. thanks for the recipe

Suganya said...

This should be tangy good. I like how u've served yrs, with boondi.

Raaga said...

Wow... I've always just opened a jaljeera packet and mixed the powder with some water. I am tempted to try :-)


sunita said...

Hi Aarti, that is one soothing drink indeed...thanks for the entry...glad you could participate...

Arts said...

Thx Richa,
kai aahe?? kesaria?? ka shrewsberry bisuits and bakarwadi? :P

Hey Manasi, Evn i used to do that until i learnt this recipe! :)

Hey Tee,
just ckhed ur recipe.. idea od making paste is a good one! Thx!

U r welcome, Sharmi!

Thx Asha, Gr8 minds think alike, what say? ;)

Thx Sukanya,
Its so easy that i prefer homemade. try out.. u'll love it!

Hey Sreelu,
DOnt make me jealous talking of street food in India.. Am waiting for a chance to go there n hog on bhel panipuri! :D

Thx Suganya,
It surely is! :)

Hey Ragga,
Thx for dropping by.. DO give it a try!

Thx Sunita for hosting the evnt!

Anonymous said...

jaljeera is great. tastes good and leaves you feeling sensual

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow! it's yummy.......mouth watering.good for health and taste as well (-:

Anonymous said...

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