Friday, August 31, 2007


Chitranna is a very famous South Indian rice dish from Banglore.. We had a South Indian friend in college who used to bring this rich rice dish in her tiffin.. We used to love it and she used to just hand over her tiffin to us(which was twice a week) when it was Chitranna.. She said it was a very common item at her home and she had been eating it since childhood and so was bored to eat the same thing again and again :D We shameless people didnt even care to ask her the recipe, and would just ask to bring it more often..

And now time comes that you have to cook things yourself, I have learnt to cook some dishes from other regions as well.. And since my husband encourages me by eating everything without complaining (does he have any other option?? ;) ), I keep trying things.. When it comes to inviting friends for dinner, one rice dish is a must.. And when the same friends are invited more often, the menu should not be repeated. (Both of us agree on this rule!) That is how I learnt to make Chitranna, the flavourful lemon rice from the Karnataka Cuisine! The crispy dals, the munchy nuts and the zest of lemon have made this dish one of our favourite rice dish. Chitranna goes over to Sharmi for "JFI-Rice" and Asha for "RCI-Karnataka Cuisine"


reparation Time:

30 mins



What you need:

2 cups Basmati Rice
5-6 Curry Leaves
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tbsp Chana Dal
1 tbsp Urad Dal
1 tbsp Moong Dal
2 Onions, sliced
4 Green Chillies, chopped
1/2 tsp Turmeric
1 tbsp Roasted Peanuts
5-6 Cashews
Juice of 1 Lemon
Salt to taste
2 tbsp Oil

How to proceed:

1) Cook Basmati rice in water until just done and then drain excess water..
2) Spread in a wide pan to cool
3) Heat oil, fry peanuts and cashews and keep aside
4) To remaining oil, add curry leaves, mustard seeds and cumin seeds
5) When they start spluttering, add all 3 dals and fry until they turn golden
6) Add chilies and sliced onions and cook for a min
7) Add turmeric, salt, nuts and cashews
8) Now add rice and mix well
9) Squeeze juice of lemon over rice,mix well and turn off gas!

Serve hot wit tomato rasam or raitas..


Raaga said...

Interesting rules Aarti :-) Nice dish :-) 2 birds with one stone :-)

Finla said...

Excelent dish.
I love any kind of rice dish.
If you have a place left in your dinner parties, just give me a ring :-))

Saju said...

what a yummy recipe! and you can enter two events at a price of one!

Rajitha said...

my friend was the same, she is a gujrati and when she would get theplas she would give us her box, even tho her mom would pack a seperate one for all us friends!! her share would be eaten before college starts!! nice dish btw.

Sreelu said...

Hey Aarthi, this was what I am supposed to make for RCI, now I have to think of somthing else.Mouthwatering I love chitranna a lot.

Pooja V said...

hey aarti...This is one of my favs just tht we call it lemon riceand lemon-less version is wht we call chitranna. I also hv chitranna on my blog..chk it out !!

Tee said...

Aarti, chitranna masta distoy! Mala khup aavadto...I also have the same rule that the same dish should not be repeated, I am paranoid about it ;)
I too have posted one dish for both events yesterday...check it out! :)

Arts said...

Thx Raaga,
But that doesnt mean its the only thing i know frm K'taka Cuisine :D some more entries to come!

Happy Cook,
Sure.. give ur number ;)

Thx Saju,
Coincidence :D Will post another dish for k'taka cuisine

Hey Rajitha,
Evn I had khobra pak and theple frm my gujju friend... Shamelessly ate everything then.. never cared to ask the recipe :D

Arts said...

Thx Sreelu,
I knew someone else wud surely post this.. so hurried with this dish first :D Will be back with more!

Hey Pooja,
I thought lemon rice is called chitranna.. most recipes on net contained lemon.. btw ur chitranna in 30 mins looks gr8!

Hey Tee,
Other rule is tyanchyakade je khalla te tyanna khau nahi ghalaycha :D Ani if u got to try something new in cooking, there's a dress rehersal a day before :)
So if i cook a lot for guests, its the same food for 3 days in a row :))

Nupur said...

With all these rules, you are surely the hostess with the mostest! Chitranna looks delicious for this season.

TheCooker said...

The rules are amusing.
How do you remember what you made when and for whom? A friend used to actually write it down in her diary :)

Kajal said...

Nice entry for both event looks yummy my dear. I always love rice plate when it is full of Cashews.:)

Roopa said...

chitraanna is all time favorite yeah i remember our childhood days this was one of the least i would like. Adding moong haven't heard though it looks very yummy and fabulous entry :)

Arts said...

Thx Nupur,
The basic vegetables make the most of it :) And firangis love Indian food in any form, except too spicy :D

Rahata ga lakshat.. Nahich rahila kadhi tar I I directly call up n ask that friend what did we eat last time :D

Thx Kajal,
I too love fried cashews in rice!

Thx Roopa,
I know.. We dont value what we used to get.. And now we miss those dishes :D

Asha said...

Thanks girl, quickly checking RCI entries,still need to rest the eyes,doctor's orders:)

Sharmi said...

sorry for the delay to drop by. hope you would understand. the chitranna looks wonderful.

Unknown said...

hi aarthi
very regular in going through your interesting recipes really they not only look appetising but really when made are delicious thanks for free approach of recipes on your site

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