Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me and a MeMe :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME... Its my birthday today! :) Now dont ask me my age :P Since I dont have an oven, there's no home made cake for me.. Also no cookig today.. So not another one of those regular posts ;)

My blogger friends Bhags of Crazy Curry and Ramya of Mane Adige tagged me for a meme for 7 random things about me.. I thought today would be the best day to do that! :)

Khabardaar, Hoshiyaar, Aarti ke life ke kuch paane aapke liye haazir hai!! :)

1) Since its my birthday today, let me start with something related to that.. I am very good at remembering birthdays and anniversaries.. Its rarely that I miss wishing my close friends and relatives- thats only when I have no internet or phone service/phone numbes. And I really hate it if these friends forget my birthdays or need to set reminders to wish me! Samajhdaro ko ishara kaafi hai.. hope my cell stays busy now ;)

2) Now this is real unique n random- My husband and I were married on the first day we met :D Shocked???? I can understand.. But thats another sweet long story behind this which I cant discuss here :D

3) There was not a single day that I stayed away from my house/parents before marriage.. No hostel life n no long night outs at friends (Just 2-3 times but no more that 1 night stay at friends.) I would tell my friends that I would marry someone who lives near my place so that I dont go too far from my parents.. And now here I am in Belgium right after marriage, saat samandaar paar :)) Thats destiny.. And I am happy about it.. Its now that I realise and completely understand the roles and importance of my dear ones in my life.

4) I am a very talkitive person. I can chat with my friends for days n nights and most of my friends call me a chatterbox. Within my team, people used to bet if I can stay quiet for 5 mins :D
If I am quiet for sometime, they think something's wrong with me.. But I am not the same when it comes to talking on stage. I can informally discuss the topic but cant present it formally to an audience. I have a stage fear and just go blank with just the thought of so many people ogling at me. I once was forcibly selected for an extempore speech competition in school and I couldnt say a word and started crying infront of everyone.. This was my most embaraasing situation in my life which I'll never forget!

5) I am a very religious person and believe in God... I fast and do lotsa pooja-paath.. I love to visit temples (which I used to do every single day when in India), but havent visited any church in my city as yet.. My hubby is total opposite.. He hasn't fasted even one day in his life! :) Opposites attract-Very true! I also believe in fate, destiny and luck but I know when and where to draw the line.. Sometimes I avoid doing things which my grandmom or mom used to disallow me to do.. Something like "Do not cut ur nails/hair in eveinng" n stuff like this...And I think that these small things dont make me a superstitious person!

6) About my likes: I love dogs and hate cats.. Kittens are ok but no cats! I love reading comics and had a huge collection of Tinkle n Archies comics :) I studied Japanese for 2 years(4-5 yrs back.. now have forgotten everything!) and am learning Dutch language now! I love travelling and prefer the countryside beauty to visiting big cities.. When it comes to shopping, I visit every single shop nearly 3 times a week and buy things only when I have done complete analysis.. If there's something which I love at the first site, its bought! :) I rarely watched English movies when in India, but now have watched most of the top Hollywood movies in the last 8-9 months.. In Bollywood movies, I love any type of comedy or Family dramas.. But (fortunately)I cant stand the sas-bahu Ekta Kappor serials!

7) Last but not the least.. Food and cooking.. I wasn't so much into cooking before marriage.. The first thing I learnt was Potato sabji.. And learnt some basic vegetables and chapatis and bhakris in the 10th std vacation.. But then didnt cook at all till I came to Belgium after marriage.. All cooking that I learnt was what mom used to prepare at home.. My father doesnt ever enter the kitchen.. I can confidently say that he cannot even boil water or prepare tea :) I took interest in bloogging and ultimately good cooking ;) when I bumped into Nupur's blog and through that the other flod blogs.. I am good when it comes to cooking for a small group.. But I mess up with some ingredients when I have a bunch of people coming in or the guests (ladies) forcing themselves to help in my kitchen... I am a "chikeneterian".. I am allergic to eggs and cant stand the smell of fish n sea food.. I have never prepared chicken.. I eat it only when my husband makes it or in restaurants.. I am a coward when it comes to trying other cuisines.. I hate wasting food but have done it twice when trying some restaurants here.. Ultimately the only options left for restaurants here is Thai or Mexican.. and Pizza Hut! I love chocolates and chaats.. can live my whole life on just these two things (provided I am given unlimited access) :D

Thats ALL about be.. It seems to be my biggest post till date :D Phew.. Chalo now, if you are done with "discovering" me, bake some birthday cakes for me ;)

Since most of you are already done with this meme, whosever is left can play along! :)


Anonymous said...

Greetings from South Africa...
Happy Birthday Aarthi. Here's wishing you all things wonderful.

Thanx for a superb blog.
love & best wishes

Asha said...

lol @ *I am a "chikeneterian"* I am almost like that too except I like eggs.
Happy Birthday,great to read t your.First day and you are married.I would like to know that story!;D

Sharmi said...

wish You a very Happy b'day. May God Bless you. Loved your Meme, I am with you on the 4th and 5th. I would love to know how you got married on the first day.

Nupur said...

Very interesting meme :) You and I are EXACT opposites, Aarti! I love cats, and have never visited a temple in decades, and have lived away from my parents since I was 13.

Priyanka said...

A belated happy birthday Aarti. Hope you had a great time..... Loved reading your Meme...glad to know some more about you:)

Roopa said...

happy belated birthaday Aarthi! loved reading your meme :) first day on my that i think anyone who reads your meme would like to know dear :)

Roopa said...

happy belated birthaday Aarthi! loved reading your meme :) first day on my that i think anyone who reads your meme would like to know dear :)

Arts said...

Thanks to evry1 for ur lovely wishes.. I sure had a gr8 time..
And those who wanna know more @ 2, send me ur mail ids ;)

Anonymous said...

Many many happy returns of the day. Nice to know more about you.

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns of the day, Aarti.

Anonymous said...

Hei Aarthi, know this is too late but still belated happy birthday.... ha ha...
ok point is I would love to know more about 2, but just wondering how a friendship can start from just a comment Im making here.
I like ur blog and ofcourse your way of posting. Truely my type.
Good work.