Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lychee Grape Drink

Lychee on its own has a lovely taste... But when it comes to Lychee Juice, its just a few drops from a single Lychee fruit... I decided to mix grape juice to it, to make a lovely drink.. The end result was awesome.. Both tastes preserved and a refreshing drink ready!

This is my second entry for AFAM-Lychee, hosted this month by Sig.

Lychee Grape Drink

Preparation Time:

5 mins


1 drink

What you need:

4-5 Lychees, peeled and deseeded
A bunch of seedless Grapes
(Juice of Lychee and Grape should be in 1:3 proportion)
A pinch of Black Salt
Few drops of Lemon

How to proceed:

1) Blend Lychees and Grapes in a Blender
2) Sieve the juice and add black salt and lemon juice to it
3) Refridgerate for some time and serve cold!


Asha said...

Lychee and grapes sounds great.Color suits too, yum:) said...

I like the addition of black salt!


J said...

Just the way I'd like it, with a pinch of salt!

Sig said...

Thats an awesome idea, combining grapes and lychees... Isn't this such a versatile fruit? You can combine it with pretty much anything!!! Thanks a lot for the entry Arts!

Sreelu said...


Cool drink, makes one good salt might add an additional kick

Raaga said...

Sounds yummy...will store this for the next season :-)

Sharmi said...

this sounds so yummy!! the glass looks tempting.