Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thai Lychee Banana Dessert

With so many events coming up(and me not wanting to miss any), I hardly get any time to post other recipes... So I make it a point to try and cook something new for these events.. Thats how I learn and post something new and different (not always :D)

When Sig anounced Lychee as Fruit for AFAM this month, I had no idea what I would be preparing for this event.. Then some googling and I came upon a Thai dessert.. Decided to try it but had to wait long to find fresh lychees.. Frozen/canned foods are avoided as much as possible at my place.. Finally last weel I found these lovely fruits at a fruit mart and the long wait came to an end.. Greedily, I brought a big pack(later realising it cost me a lot!!! :( ) and ultimately I have one more recipe to try other than this one..

Thai Lychee Banana Dessert is my first entry for AFAM-Lychee.. Apart from Indian cuisine, I love Thai food.. Thai cuisine is mostly associated with use of coconut milk.. Not just in the curries, but also in desserts.. Coconut milk in Thai Desserts is as milk in Indian Desserts.. This is a simple Thai dessert, which can be prepared in no more than 5 mins.. I am not a big fan of cocunut milk, and hence didnt like the dessert a lot.. I prefer shikran(bananas in sweetened milk) to this.. But not a disaster either.. My husband didnt mind finishing off my share as well :D So overall, good for a change!

Thai Lychee Banana Dessert


2 servings

Preparation Time:

5 mins

What you need:

7-8 ripe Lychees
1 Banana
200 ml Coconut Milk (Lite)
2-3 tsp Sugar

How to proceed:

1) Peel and deseed the Lychees and cut into halves
2) Cut the banana lengthwise and then make 1 inch pieces
3) Place the lychees and bananas in a bowl
4) Heat cocunut milk for a min and add sugar to it (Do *not* boil)
5) Pour the milk over the fruits
6) Let it cool and place in the fridge to cool for sometime
7) Serve cold.

I had to use a spoon to forcibly lift the lychees for a snap :D


Asha said...

Aarti, looks like a yummy dessert to me!:))
I know! There are two more new events this week too.My Aroma is filled up and I have to post two in one post now!:)

Anonymous said...

What a great dessert. I failed to find lychee at my place. Got to hunt for it somehow, never tasted them before so I wanna taste it.

TBC said...

First time here.
That dessert looks very good. I have never found fresh lychees around here.

Sharmi said...

that is a very simple and delicious looking dessert. very quick and easy right?

Richa said...

5 min dessert, now that's my kind of a dish :) You are really good at trying so many new dishes, keep it up!

Richa said...

ani mala kharach story pahijey :) vachayla maja yayil ;)

Sig said...

oh yummmy... lychees and coconut is a winning combo, throw in banana, and its perfection. thanks for the wonderful entry Arts...
BTW you have a great blog... I think its first time here, will be back to look around more. :)

Roopa said...

cool dessert nice entry Aarti!

Richa said...

Wish you a very Happy Independence day!

Raaga said...

This seems like a yummy dessert :-) Sort of reminds me of hasshalen which amchis make with bananas and milk :-)

Arts said...

Thx All..

Hima and TBC,
Can I send in some??

WIll mail u the story today.. pakka!

Raaga, One question-- Whats aamchi and hasshalen?

Pear = PanGi HüB said...

great idea .. i'll try definitely