Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dhokla Sandwitch

Coffee's MBP gives me a chance to write about recipes tried from fellow bloggers. The theme for this month's MBP is "Going Lite".. I was an absolute fan of Richa's Nylon Khaman Dhokla Sandwitch when I first saw it at the round-up of Nupur's "N of Indian Vegetables!" So when coffee announced the theme "Going Lite" for this month's MBP, this was the best dish to fit into the theme.. Light on calories n light in weight as well ;) :D But surely high on nutrition!

I used Richa's recipe from here. The only change was that I used 1/2 tsp sodium bicarb and 1/2 tsp Salt instead of Eno fruit salt. And obviously left aside the cocunut part for garnishing as I am not a great fan of cocunut. And yes, I didnt have a Dhokla Steamer like the one Richa has.. Alternatively, I used my Idli Steamer.. So, I have Dhokla Idli Sandwitch now :D

My Verdict : Easy and quick recipe to please guests that show up on short notice.. It took me less than 30 mins to prepare one batch of these.. The spicy green chutney on one side and the sweet n sour lime sugar mix on the other side makes the dhoklas ever more tasty and appealing.. A keeper recipe!


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, your dhokla sandwich looks really good!!! You are temptng me to try it myself now... :)

Richa said...

glad you tried the dhokla and liked it! tuzhi idli yantra vaparnyachi idea jabardast ahey :)
enjoy sweetie...