Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Orange Burfi

Sharmi of Naivedyam is hosting AFAM this month. I was thinking of going for some cool summer drinks when Orange was announced for AFAM this month.. But then I didnt want to disturb the sweet n sour taste of orange by mixing it wit some other fruit for beverages.. Hence I decided to go for Orange Burfi. The Maharashtrian cit of Nagpur is famous for its Orange cultivation.. The "Santra Burfi/Orange Fudge" from Nagpur is very famous. We used to be lucky everytime two of my Nagpuri team mates went back home :) Orange Barfi was "default" sweet that they had to bring along! I made these burfis a bit less sweet coz I found sweet oranges here. I also tried some laddus with this mixture (from the disformed mixture left out after separarting good-looking n in-shape barfis!) Enjoy the yummilicious sweet! :)

Orange Burfi

What you need:

2 Oranges
1 cup Plain Flour(Maida)
1+1/4 cup Sugar
1 cup Milk
1/2 cup Ghee
4-5 saffron strands
Fried dry fruits (optional)

How to proceed:

1) Heat ghee in a pan and add plain flour to it
2) Fry till golden brown, stirring at intervals.. Now take off from gas and keep aside.
3) Peel oranges, remove seeds and transparent skin from each slice to get just the orange pulp
4) Heat milk, add sugar and orange pulp to it.
5) Keep stirring continuously till the mixture becomes sticky.. this might take 15-20 mins.
6) Now add the plain flour mixture to it and mix well
7) Add saffron and dry fruits if desired.
8) Cook till ghee separates from the mixture
9) Now place the mixture in a greased vessel and let cool
10) Cut into desired shapes and enjoy yummy orange burfi!

This was the first time I made something decorative/creative.. Flowers using the Orange skin/peel.. So just coundnt control myself from taking more snaps :)

I also made some laddus from the mixture that was left after making barfis!


Sharmi said...

Dear AArti, thanks a lot for a beautiful entry. the burfis look so good and mouthwatering. will try them sometime.

Sreelu said...

you always manage to make something very different. Burfis and ladoos looks delicious

Roopa said...

Hi Aarti burfi looks delicious! nice entry!

Suma Gandlur said...

I can feel the smell of those burfis. Can we add orange juice instead of oranges?

Arts said...

Thanks for hosting

Hey Sreelu,
So nice of u to drop in a comment during ur vacation..Hope u enjoying ur vacation!!

Thx Roopa

Hi Suma,
havent tried yet but I think fresh orange juice will do.. Store brought orange juice is absolutely no use!

Priyanka said...

wow my mouth's watering. the orange flowers looks very beautiful. u r really very creative.