Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Mattha or spiced buttermilk is a very famous drink in Maharashtra. Mattha and Kairi Panha are the favourite beverages of Maharashtrians in summer time. Mattha is usually to be consumed after (heavy) lunch, mostly during the hot summer days.. This drink is prepared from buttermilk or “taak” as we call it in Marathi. The exact proportion of salt sugar n chilli gives mattha the unique taste. This is a must in weddings that usually take place in summers. This drink is good for digestion and is so refreshing that people can easily make some space for 2-3 glasses of Mattha even if they are full. :)

In Maharashtra, most (non working) ladies prepare “Tup” (Ghee) at home. Every day the “sai” (cream) that accumulates on the boiled milk is separately kept in a “chini maticha bhanda” (clay vessel) and once the vessel was full, the process of making ghee starts. The whole lot of saii was churned using a “rawi” to separate the “loni” (butter) and “taak” (buttermilk). This taak was used to make kadhi or mattha. The loni is then heated to prepare tup at home… Unforgettable are those days when the smell of the loni and ghee used to be so tempting that we used to eat dollops of loni as kids. And now, even a bite of it is “full of calories!” :D Anyways, the mattha is just as good for calorie conscious people as well.. So here's a glassful to beat the summer heat and for RCI Maharashtrian Cuisine!

What you need:

½ cup Whole Yoghurt
1 cup Water
½ tsp Ginger, minced
1-2 Green Chillies, finely chopped
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Cumin seeds, roasted and coarsely pounded
Salt to taste
Chopped corriander for garnishing

How to proceed:

1) Beat the yoghurt and add water to it to make buttermilk
2) Add all above ingredients to buttermilk and mix well
3) Add more water if it’s too thick
4) Serve cold

*Addition of pepper n chaat masala instead of chillies gives the mattah another yummy taste!


Sia said...

my goodness....its becomeing difficult to catch up with ur posts girl:) fantastic entries for RCI and i wonder is there anymore left to cook;)
Masala majjige as we call is my fav summer drink. amma always used to make big jug of this and kept it in refridgerator to chill:)

Arts said...

Some finishing touches still left ;)
Mom used to do the same thing.. fill a jug n put it in fridge.. only to notice the level going down every 10-15 mins ;)

Shobana senthilkumar said...

Hi aarti,
mattha looks great for this seasoncan i get one glass....

Suganya said...

This sounds so refreshing...... Love it....

Asha said...

Aarti,that's long and hard work for "non-working" women to make Ghee!!:D
I love spiced Buttermilk,Majjige as we call it.I have posted it long time ago at FH.
I am worried about you Aarti.What are you going to do after June when RCI M ends?!Hahaha!
Mattha looks great,I have to make it for Summer.

Arts said...

Thanks Priar,
Drop in anytime :)

Thanks Sukanya,
thats one of the best summer thing!

Thanks Asha,
I dont work now, but still dont make it here :D Mom used to make it regularly(in India) and still makes it!
I cant dare open ur FH in evenings.. hubby is home n if he sees ur recipe of bakarwadi there, i'll have to prepare it today :))
After June, i'll cook some other cuisines ;)

Kajal said...

Nice Entry!!!!!!!!
Dish looks delicious.
In hot summer cool with your buttermilk.:)))